XSSR023 is out!

xssr022-400We are happy to present our new release "It Is Time". Its released exclusively on Beatport!

It Is Time (Original mix) 
Remember Me (Original mix) 
Take It Slow (Original mix) 
Release: 07/08/2014 
Catalogue number: XSSR023

Our release on Community Service

Our guys Critical & Beatsmith, who made remix for our latest XSSR issue, played this track in Crystal Method show "Community Service".

Listen to the full show!

PLAYMA's Interview for Bass Explorer


Greetings Alex and Ilgiz! You’re preparing to unleash the ridiculous ‘Monsters’ / ‘Crackdown’ EP on Mainframe. Tell us about the EP; ideas and influences the made their way into the release.

Alex: Before Ilgiz left for the army, he sent me the “Crackdown” parts. It’s called Tripletdnb175bpm.rar. So when the time came, I wanted to keep Ilgiz’ drums with some nice and nasty guitars. If you’re interested, you can watch a bit of how it was made in our PLAYMA Life 2 channel, or embedded below. I have also started collaboration with an XSSR Academy student, Fred Vedo.

Ilgiz: I started to make “Crackdown” around 18 months ago when I was still at home. I just wanted to make a dnb track with triplet drums and a happy melody. Before I left for the Army I sent the parts to Alex.

I read that ‘Monsters’ stemmed from ideas for a movie trailer?

Alex: The idea was to make a track with an intro that looks sounded a movie trailer. It was produced together with one of my students Fred Vedo. We produced all of the orchestral parts ourselves and even made some voice samples. We wanted to make it epic. Later we decided to make it a more dm-friendly dnb track. But the version with epic intro will be a VIP I think!

You’re pretty dynamic having worked with a number of genres across a broad label base. Is genre exploration a trend you’re planning to continue or are you finding contentment in a particular style?

XSSR022 is out!

xssr022-400We are happy to present our new relase "Cuz We Are PLAYMA". Its released exclusively on Beatport!

Label: XSSR Music
Cuz We Are PLAYMA (Original mix) 
Cuz We Are PLAYMA (Winter Face Remix)
Cuz We Are PLAYMA (Critical And Beatsmith Remix)
Release: 03/06/2013 
Catalogue number: XSSR022

XSSR022 announce

We are happy to present our forthcoming release by PLAYMA "Cuz We Are PLAYMA".

It will be delivered next week exclusively on beatport. 

Want to hear the release first? Here you go…


We are ready to announce our forthcoming release by PLAMYA - Cuz We Are PLAYMA. Release features two remixes. That is gonna be massive!

We Want More by PLAYMA is out!

PLAYMA's 'We want more' is a rip-roaring breaks track that will not fail to impress any bass music enthusiast. Filthy grinding bass growls twist and turn you through this fast paced barrage of hammering rhythm and melody. The song progresses into a bridge of uplifting hi pitched leads, peppered with euphoric arpeggios.

Wipeout Mix

Brand new mix by our french artist Lowmax! Mix has the same name as the nights he runs in Paris. We glad he keeps to suport XSSR movement in France!